Monday, September 10, 2007

Staged For a Push Through Hell Gate

Manhasset, Long Island New York,

John Gamble

John and I have been spent a couple of very long days of motor sailing since the last post from "The Race" in Long Island Sound. We had about a 16 hour day yesterday after leaving Point Judith. We pulled into Port Jefferson on LI north shore just as the sun was setting. I am bummed to report that Christa is in the throes of some kind of charging or battery problem. Either the alternator is not putting our juice or the batteries refuse to except the charge. The only way to fire up the engine is to have "big red" which is my portable Honda generator running and driving the installed battery charger. But I digress......

Today.....John awoke at 4 am with some kind of notion that someone or something had climbed aboard and that he "had heard voices." Well since we were 45 minutes from our scheduled waking time and since I wasn't sleeping well anyway due to alternator worries..... we made coffee. We weighted anchor and were underway by 530 am. It was foggy and drizzling, but much to our surprise we had a very nice 10 to 15 knot easterly breeze to push us down the sound. We also timed the tide to give us a fair current. We moved along a 6 knots plus the entire distance.

We moored along the fuel dock at Manhasett Bay Marina around noon time. We filled up Christa's fuel tanks which is the first time I've ever filled up at a gas dock. I usually jerry can in all my fuel. One thing to note is the vacuum gauge on the Racor fuel filter is showing some movement which means the filter is starting to clog up. This is also a first for me, but then again I've never drained the tanks as low as I did today. Anyway, John and I got a slip at the marina for the evening. I've been working on trouble shooting the battery situation and haven't solved the situation, but believe maybe the batteries need to be replaced. But I'm still trying to figure it out.

Tomorrow we plan on being at Hell Gate which is the confluence of the East River, Harlem River and the Long Sound. The current can be brutal. We hope to go through the gate at slack tide about 10:15 am and proceed down the east side of Manhatten. We will anchor up somewhere near Sandy Hook New Jersey. Looks like the winds are favorable for an early morning departure Weds to make the transit down the New Jersey coast. More later!

Capt Chris

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